Mass Production

Imajin provides services in Mass Production, including Stamping Production, Injection & Blow Production and Fabrication Production. Read the information below to learn more about each service in detail.

Fabrication Mass Production

Fabrication Production is a process in which a large number of identical fabricated products are mass-produced quickly and efficiently using standard processes and machinery. Fabrication is the process of manufacturing products by assembling standard parts that are typically pre-prepared using one or more individual processes, involving the creation of products or components through cutting, shaping, and joining various materials using a variety of tools.

Imajin ensures that your products have excellent quality and meet established standards.


How It Works


1. Submit Needed Files

Provide the desired production data such as product drawings, samples (if possible), accuracy standards and production schedule, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly.


2. Process

Our experienced engineers will continue the process and send the product to you.

Build ideas from design to mass production together with Imajin.