SPM & Part Fabrication

Imajin provides services in the SPM & Part Fabrication, such as Special Purpose Machine, Part & Product Design, Product Prototyping, Fabrication Process and Product QC. Read the information below to learn more about each service in detail.

Product QC

Product QC (Quality Control) is the process of ensuring that a product meets the required standards and specifications before being released for distribution or sale. The QC process at Imajin meticulously examines and swiftly calculates dimensions, strength, precision, and other detailed aspects.

Through the QC process at Imajin, we ensure that predetermined quality standards are met, encompassing accurate dimensions and precision, strength and durability, smooth and precise operations, and other essential details.


How It Works


1. Process

QC (Quality Control) will be conducted based on predetermined standards using measuring tools such as CMM (Computer Measurement Machine) or other measuring instruments.


2. Output

After the QC is completed, you will receive the results in the form of check sheets for parts, ERD, or inspection data.

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